Mobile Banking by Text FAQs

What is Mobile Text Banking?
Phones that send and receive SMS messages can perform limited Home Banking transactions by text. Internet access is required to enroll.

Mobile Text Access Number: 86020

HELP – More information
NICK - Receive account nicknames
MENU - Receive command list
B – Balances on all accounts
B acct (B S0001) - Balance for a specific account
H – 5 Most recent transactions for all accounts
H acct (H S0001) – Recent activity for a single account
X Acct to Acct $ - (X S0000 S0020 1) –  Transfer funds
STOP – Removes mobile text banking from the phone

How much does Mobile Text Banking cost?
Northland does not charge a fee for Text Banking access, but please check with your cell phone service provider before accessing Mobile Text Banking. Any usage fees they charge will apply.

Can I enroll in Mobile Text Banking from my mobile device?
Yes, you can only enroll in Mobile Text Banking from your mobile device using mobile web or our mobile app. You must also have traditional Home Banking to be able to utilize Mobile Banking.

How do I get information for a specific account?
You will use the text command – H Acct (H S0020). This will send you the 5 most recent transactions on the account you specified.

How do I transfer funds through Mobile Text?
Use the text command – X Acct to Acct $ (X S0000 S0020 1). This example will transfer $1 from your savings to checking.

What if I no longer want to be a Mobile Text Banking user?  
If you simply want to discontinue the service:

• Text STOP to 86020 -or- 
• Call 989-739-1401

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