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Home Banking FAQs

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How do I access home banking for the first time?

Call 989-739-1401 & Ask member service to enable Home Banking on your account. You will choose a login name and password. Once enabled, you'll be able to login any time on our home page.

What web browsers are supported?

The latest stable versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari web browsers are supported. However, browser developers occasionally release updates which can become temporarily problematic.   

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How do I change my home banking password or ID?

Login to home banking, select Other Options, and then Personal.

Why is Home Banking requiring me to change my password?

For your protection, the system will prompt you to change your password every 6 months.

I forgot my username/password or locked out of Home Banking.

Call Member Service at 989-739-1401.

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How does Secure Messaging work?

For your own protection, do not send your sensitive personal information through regular email. Instead, use our new Secure Messaging Center. Login and select Message Center in the upper-right corner of every home banking page. We read and reply to all secure messages during normal business hours. You'll know that you have a secure message from Northland when you login to home banking. You will also receive an email asking you to login to retrieve your secure message.

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How do I sign up for eStatements?

Login to home banking, choose Other Options, and then EStatement Registration.

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How do I enable eAlerts?

Login to home banking, select Other Options, and then Alerts.

Why don't all eAlerts have text notification as an option?

Text alerting is only available for the most critical alerts. 

Is there a fee for text messages?

Northland does not charge a fee for text alerts, but please check with your cell phone service provider before enabling text alerts. Any text messaging fees they impose will apply.

Are eAlerts sent in real time?

Most eAlert notifications are sent at scheduled intervals.

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How do I rename my account (share and loan) descriptions?

Login to home banking, choose Other Options, and then Account.

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Bill Pay FAQs

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Is the loan balance I see on home banking my payoff?

No. Please contact us for your exact payoff amount.

Can I set up a recurring payment on my loan?

Yes. You'll want to verify a transfer payment doesn't already exist. (For example, you may have already approved an automatic recurring payment when closing on a loan.) Please ensure sufficient funds are in the account prior to the day the transfer is set to take place.

Can I make Principal Only payments to my loan?

Yes. However, Principal Only payments MUST be made on the same day as your regular payment.

Can I pay extra on my principal when I make my mortgage payment?

Yes, but only after making your initial payment. 

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Can I place a Stop Payment on a check in Home Banking?

Yes. To create a Stop Payment on a single check, select Accounts, then the name of your checking account. A tab called Check Stop Payments will then display. Select that tab to create a new Stop Payment. Please be aware that a $30 fee will automatically post to your checking account for each Stop Payment you place within home banking.

What if I need to Stop Payment on a group of checks?

If you have a consecutive group of checks (for example, you cannot locate a box of checks), it is VERY important that you contact us at 989-739-1401. We will place a Stop Payment on the entire range of check numbers for a single $30 fee. If you do it yourself through home banking, the system will automatically charge your account $30 for every check.  

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Can I view holds (debit card, etc) placed on share accounts?

There are two ways to view holds on share accounts:

  • Choose the Services tab, then Continue next to "View Debit Card Holds" -or-
  • Select any share link to navigate to the Transactions menu, then choose View Holds to display holds for that particular share account.    

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Can I view certain pending ACH items?

Yes. Select the Services tab, then choose Continue next to "Pending ACH Items". Pending ACH transfers can also be added as a widget on My View page. 

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How do I set up a Future or Recurring transfer?

Login to home banking, select Transfers, use the Frequency drop-down.

I'm having trouble setting up a Future/Recurring transfer on my credit card or mortgage.

Only instant, one-time transfers are available for these types of accounts. To set up future or recurring payments for a credit card or mortgage, please use Bill Pay.

 What is the difference between Bi-Weekly and Semi-Monthly transfers?

     Bi-Weekly Transfers    Semi-Monthly Transfers
How often will these payments occur?    Every other week.    Twice per month.
What do I choose?    Day of the week. (Ex. Monday)    Dates (Ex. 1st and 15th)
Can 3 payments come out in a single month?

   Yes, depending on the month. 


If you're not certain which type is right for you, please call us and we'll be happy to help!


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