Earning Your Own Money

Whether you love kids or just want to earn some spending money, babysitting is a great first job. But do you know you'll have more success if you treat babysitting like it's your own business?

With this advice, soon you'll be rocking (the babies) and rolling (in cash)!

* Make a business plan. A business plan is just like a road map for an entrepreneur. Use it to decide where you’ll find children to babysit, how often you’ll babysit, and how you’ll market your skills. Look your plan over now and then to see how your business is doing, and whether you need to make some changes to meet your goals.

* Find investors and mentors. Investors put time, money, or advice into another person's business because they want to share in its success. Maybe your parents will help pay for a first-aid class. Or your older cousin has been babysitting for years and can mentor, teaching you what she knows. Whoever your helpers are, use them as resources to help you succeed.

* Prepare and practice. Families are more likely to hire you if you’re confident about your abilities. That’s why taking a babysitting or first-aid class is a must. When you finish the class and are certified as a “safe sitter,” practice your skills. Volunteer to help with kids at church, at the library, or in your neighborhood. Even helping with your little brother or sister can be great practice!

* Decide how much to charge. Talk to neighbors, parents and friends to see what they've paid sitters in the past. This will give you an idea of much you can charge for babysitting.

* Advertise. Ask your parents and relatives to spread the word about your skills. With a parent's permission, make business cards or flyers to give to friends and neighbors, or post your business on your Facebook page.

With all your planning and practice you could have a profitable babysitting business. And remember, you can put your earnings in your Northland account to grow and work for you even more.

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