Do You Know What Your Future Holds?

Will you be looking for a job? These days, high school students compete in the job market against older, more experienced workers, making it more important than ever to leave a good first impression. Look for chances to gain experience through clubs, organizations or through your church. When writing your resume, pay particular attention to accuracy and neatness. Contact and approve personal and job references in advance. Dress well, while on your job search, and follow up your job application with a phone call.

Is a new car in your near future? Affordable cars are getting harder to come by, so maintaining good credit is crucial. If you’ll be looking for a car soon, devise a savings plan so you can borrow as little as possible. If you choose a loan, your parents will need to co-sign with you. Ask how we can help.

Do you tend to overspend? Good spending habits take time to develop. Meanwhile, things are getting more expensive, making us stretch our money further. Look at how you spend your money and figure out ways to save. Then set those smaller savings aside, so they can build up and help fund larger purchases. A Northland savings account may help you do this.

Are you heading off to college? Evaluate your college plans. A local community college may provide a great start at substantial savings. Attend college nights at your school, as well as at local colleges and universities. Develop a plan and ask your school guidance counselor for help seeking scholarships. You’ll find more info on scholarships at

Who knows what the future may hold? Of course, the more you do know, the better the chances you’ll recognize financial opportunities and pitfalls when they present themselves. If possible, take a money management class to learn the benefits of saving and help understand the long-term implications of overspending and debt. facebook

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