Do You Know What Your Future Holds?

Our High School Student account is for students like you emerging toward independence. It's a safe, convenient place to keep cash for daily expenses important purchases and save for your future. Plus, it's is free and easy to use wherever you go on your journey, for life.

• $0 monthly fee

• $0 minimum balance requirement

Ready to open a new account? Here's is what you'll need:

• Driver's license and Social Security number - identity and proof of U.S. residency need to be verified when opening an account at a financial institution.

• A $5 opening deposit - This establishes your membership with Northland. If you start your account online, you can make your initial deposit by visiting a branch, mailing a check, or digitally transferring from another financial institution.

• If you are under 18 years of age, you will need a parent or guardian to act as a co-owner on your account.

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