Introducing Buck E. Bigfoot



Buck E. Bigfoot and his woodland friends are here to help teach kiddos about money! In our new coloring and activity book at each branch, kids can learn how to save, earn, and spend money.

Buck E. is from West Branch but visits all around Northern Michigan. He enjoys saving money, keeping the planet and water clean, and the company of his woodland friends. He is constantly shedding coins from his fur! If you see money on the ground, it’s a sure sign that he is around.

His nemesis is Scammer Skunk and Foolish Fox. They are both trouble makers and prevent people from saving money. They like to steal money by tricking people into giving away their personal information. Never give your passwords or secrets to Scammer Skunk or Foolish Fox. It’s a good thing that Northland has several tools to help stop these scammers. Buck E. is here to help protect you!

Buck E. Bigfoot is here to help. If you visit a branch, ask for the Buck E. Bigfoot Coloring Book.Foolish Fox

Ask your parents to help you open your own savings account so you can dream big!Scammer Skunk

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