Written on the good standing of Northland members, and based on their credit history and purpose, unsecured loans start at $250, offer variable terms, low payments, fixed or variable rates (rate and payment may increase on variable products).

Line of Credit

Imagine the financial flexibility to do the things you want, when you want to do them. A Northland Line of Credit can provide the independence to adjust your budget and do just that. A Line of Credit is an open-ended unsecured loan with the member’s signature used as collateral. This loan is designed for the member who borrows regularly. Individual credit limits of up to $25,000 are established when the member initially applies for the loan and is based on the individual’s credit history and ability to repay the debt. The amount of the payment will be determined by the balance of the loan and the rate in effect after an advance is taken.

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Youth Loans

Sound money management is one of our most important life lessons. A Northland Youth Loan can help set young people on the path to financial responsibility. Available in amounts from $50 to $500, youth loans are available to full time students from age 13 to 17.

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Effective Date: Thursday, December 2nd, 2021
TypeRate As Low AsLoan question? We can help! 989-739-1401
Fixed 9.75% APR*  
Variable 9.25% APR*  
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Loan Rates are subject to change. "As Low As" rates are our best rates and are determined by credit score and number of services used.

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