Friends Don't Ask FriendsFriends Dont Ask Friends

Romance fraud has hit big-time crime status. For 2021, the FBI reported some 24,000 Romance Scam victims with losses totaling $1 billion. That is more than any other Federal Trade Commission category loss reported during the period. Moreover, the FTC expects higher losses this year. Millions of people have successfully found love using online dating apps. Sadly, scammers also use these sites to take advantage of well-meaning people. An online sweetheart who asks for money is almost certainly a scammer trying to rob you. The Federal Trade Commission warns we should never reveal personal information or share banking or identification information with someone we have just met online. We should never send money or gifts to a romantic interest we have not met in person. Engaging in these activities almost always results in compromised accounts. Anyone can be a victim of a Romance Scam. Whether or not it is true, many consider older people to be at a higher risk for Romance Scams because they may be more isolated or less tech-savvy. However, the FTC states people between 18 and 39 are more than twice as likely as older adults to report losing money to a social media scam. Social media is a low-cost way to access billions of people around the globe, and younger people are more comfortable sharing personal information online, which makes them more vulnerable to criminals. Romance scams happen on dating apps, websites, chat rooms, and social media platforms. According to the FBI, romance fraudsters set up fake online profiles and use attractive profile pictures that look like entertainment figures. Then they stage a romantic interest in a potential victim. They play on the person's emotions and romantic desires, grooming their target to think theirs is a chance in a lifetime love affair. Scammers move too fast, showering targets with compliments; they're overly friendly and unnaturally forward. They're usually quick to profess love using over-the-top words of affection and promises. They work to build a false feeling of intimacy and trust as they groom victims to feel special and needed. To avoid being traced, they move the communication to phone conversations or off the online platform. Romance scammers quickly propose marriage. They may manipulate a victim to help "save them," or a fictitious child or a loved one from fabricated, unfortunate circumstances. Scammers will ask to meet in person and request money to purchase travel fares. Except the meet-up happens, and they never keep up their end of the promises. Finally, the scammer begins requesting money. They may use excuses like they need to cover travel fare, medical expenses, or a gambling debt. They may ask you to cash a big check and send them gift cards, lure you into sharing banking information, or engage in bogus cryptocurrency trading.
The bottom line is this: FRIENDS DON'T ASK FRIENDS TO SHARE BANKING LOGIN INFO. Anyone you've never met who asks you to cash a check for them, provide your user ID and password, furnish them the code on the back of your credit card, or send them gift cards is not looking out for your best interest, and this is a warning that you might be getting scammed. Feel free to contact Northland with any questions - we WANT to help you avoid fraud. We WANT to hear from you if you have questions. 989-739-1401

Announcing Digital Banking Updates Northland Digital Updates Are Here

In October, Northland rolled out an updated Omni Channel banking experience, this means all features will be available from one seamless platform, across all devices. Northland promises to provide solutions to improve your financial life, to build on this promise we've redesigned and added many new features to improve the entire Digital Banking experience. Here at Northland we make it our mission to help all of our members better manage their financial life. Adding in-demand and valuable features allows our members to bank with confidence and ease. We strive to provide the tools needed for you to be successful. Some of the features you can look forward to using:
• Personalized Dashboard: Engaging & cohesive design that is fast & easy.
• Online Account Opening: Open new accounts and shares – anytime from anywhere!
• Secure Online Loans: Apply and receive funding quickly from any digital device.
• Financial Hub: Connecting all your internal accounts in one easy to access location.
• Business Banking: Exclusive Business Features, allowing Role-Based account access.
• Financial Wellness Tools: Savings goals, spending analysis, cash flow tracking.

For an easy transition, please call us at 989-739-1401 be sure your phone number and email address are current. 

NAFCU 2022 Best of the BestNorthland wins 2022 Best of the Best Award


MemberXP, a division of CU Solutions Group, recently named Northland Area Federal Credit Union one of their 2022 Best of the Best award winners.

The coveted Best of the Best award is presented annually to credit unions that consistently provide exceptional member service. Only one in five of the highest-performing credit unions receive this honor.

A credit union cannot apply for the award. CUSolutions Group independently selects winners based on specific and rigorous criteria. Winners are identified through member evaluations and independent evaluators.

Deanna Reeves, VP of Member Service at Northland (pictured) said, "The Best of the Best award recognizes Credit Unions that excel in improving user experience, customer service, and access to tools and information. On behalf of Northland, I want to congratulate our employees who provide the extraordinary service that helps our members achieve and maintain financial health."


NAFCU Welcomes Jessica RichardsJessica Richards Joins Northland VP Lending

We are pleased to announce that Jessica Richards has recently joined the Northland team as Vice President of Lending. Jessica is well known to Northland and our board of directors as an active leader in our Blue Ox Chapter, currently serving as its Vice Chairman. In addition, Jessica recently served as VP of Lending at Awaken credit union. 

She brings to our team significant experience and skills in lending and management. We are excited to welcome her and look forward as she expands her knowledge into business lending in our new and existing markets.

Eileen Budnick Promoted to AVP AccountingEileen Budnick Promoted to AVP Accounting

We are delighted to announce Eileen Budnick's promotion to Assistant Vice President of Accounting.  Congratulations on your new position, Eileen!





Congratulations to Marjie GonzalezRetiree Marjie Gonzalez

After two decades of service to Northland, Marjie retired as an Assistant Branch Manager at the Gaylord Branch in May. 
Over the years, Marjie helped many members and witnessed many changes at Northland. But, when asked what she will miss the most, she shared, “all of the people I work with and our members.” 
In retirement, Marjie plans to finally have the time to work on projects around her home and raise a few chickens! 
As she embarks on her new journey in life, she leaves us this advice – “Don’t ever give up.” Great advice, Marjie! We wish her the best in her retirement; she will surely be missed. 

Gaylord Tornado ReliefNorthland is raising funds for the Gaylord Tornado Relief Fund

Northland recently partnered with the Blue Ox Chapter of Credit Unions and the Michigan Credit Union Foundation to match donations up to $20,000 for the Gaylord Tornado Relief Fund.

100% of the donations were raised to benefit Gaylord Blue Ox Credit Union Members/residents who have suffered economic loss. All funds were raised to benefit the people of Gaylord who suffered damage as the result of the tornado.

Our Gaylord branch was narrowly missed and only suffered minor damage. However, many of the Gaylord Branch staff are involved with relief efforts and personally know family, friends, or NAFCU members that have been affected by the recent devastation.

"We found it very important to reach out to everyone affected by this Tornado in the Gaylord area, not just members or business members of Northland, but also other members of the Gaylord community who were affected," said Pete Dzuris, President and CEO of Northland.



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