Jerry Erickson

Our commitment to education begins with you!


The application process for 2022 Jerry Erickson Scholarship Awards is now closed. This year Northland will award ten $1,000 scholarships.  Winning applications are decided with equal emphasis on academic achievement, community service/involvement, and essay content.


Jerry Erickson Educational Scholarships


Our educational scholarship program is named for the late Jerry Erickson, who served as an esteemed volunteer at Northland for 46 years. We are indebted to his knowledge, vision, and commitment, which propelled us to where we are today. Education was important to Jerry, and through his legacy, we strive to help our student members reach their academic goals.






Scholarship winners will be announced first to students at their local high school award nights, and then we will present them here on our website, on social media, and at branches.


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