We Take Data Security Seriously.  You Should Too.

Protecting yourself from fraud is crucial. At Northland, we want to make sure you have the information you need. There are steps you can take to identify check and money order scams and to help prevent fraud from happening. Fraud is out there and it's important to stay informed.

Ways That You Can Protect Your Accounts

Data breaches have become part of our digital lives.  Though we cannot predict when such an event might affect your doctor’s office, favorite retailer or even a government database, you are not helpless. When it comes to the security of your personal information, there is a LOT you can do to help protect yourself and minimize risk.

We urge members to be vigilant in monitoring their account activity and to set up account alerts or use card controls through our digital banking platforms.

Turn your debit card off when you’re not using it. The Northland digital app offers a simple card control option to turn your debit card “Off” when you are not using it or “On” when you want to make a purchase.  Go to your iTunes App store or Google Play to download the Northland Mobile App.

Visa Purchase Alerts Get a text or email whenever you pay with your Visa card and immediately identify unauthorized or potentially fraudulent activity.

EMV Chip Debit Cards contain a computer chip which helps reduce the likelihood of fraud, improves payment security and makes it hard for fraudsters to produce counterfeit cards. 

Mobile Wallet is a new way to use your Northland VISA card that is safer, simpler and more private. This means you are able to use your compatible mobile device in stores and online without swiping or entering personal information.  No one sees your name, card number or security code and your card info is not stored on the device servers.

Monitor your financial statements closely.  Review every statement, every time. Balance your statements against receipts or a check register. Make sure each transaction is something you authorized and is shown in the correct amount. Report any discrepancies right away.

Review your free credit report . You can order one free credit report from each of the 3 credit bureaus annually. To keep tabs on it year-round, visit annualcreditreport.com or call 877-322-8228 every four months and order one report. If that’s hard to remember, order a credit report each time you change your clocks for Daylight Savings.

Assign unique passwords for every site. While it may seem tempting to use the same password for everything, don’t do it!  If that password is ever compromised, ALL your logins could be at risk. 

Create complex passwords and change them frequently. Use a combination of letters (upper and lowercase), numbers and special characters.  It’s easier than you might think!

We're here to help! If you have additional questions stop by your favorite Northland branch or give us a call at 989-739-1401.

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